This is possibly the freshest review we’ve ever done! I happened to be in Richmond this morning and heard that the newest release from Main Street Brewing was going to be available at 10AM at O’Hare Liquor Store and couldn’t resist the chance to try this special new brew.
What’s so special? Well the new By Hook Or By Crook Bohemian Pilsner is made with two very special
brewers. Colin O’Donoghue and Sean Maguire (Captain Hook and Robin Hood respectively on ABC’s Once Upon a Time) were a part of the brewing of this beer. In fact, the tale of how this came about is on the side of the label!

“Once upon a time, Colin & Sean were discussing the joys of a good pint at Main Street Brewery, when we asked “Would you like to see how the magic happens?” Before they knew it they were concocting their very own beer, under the guidance of Jack “The Brewer”. Asked to name their beer, they paused a moment, mused about this adventure – then it hit them – By Hook or By Crook.”

Knowing their TV characters, it’s easy to see why the name is perfect!

By_hook_or_By_crook-main_street_brewing2-1-e1459384240365-632x843I have to say with the weather what it is right now, this beer came out at the right time. It’s a light, golden beer (as a pilsner of course), but I find it stays very true to the name. It’s definitely an authentic pilsner. I’ve had beers called “pilsners” that might have been a lager at best, but this beer is definitely what it advertises. They used European malts and Czech saaz hops which give it a fantastic nose. I find it has a vivid hop flavour that sneaks up on you after your sip. It lingers but not in an astringent, bitter way. You get your hop profile and then it washes away. Love it! Nothing worse than a hop bite that lingers long after you’ve finished your sip, though I wouldn’t ever want that with a pilsner anyway!

I would recommend getting this beer ASAP. Went I went into O’Hare at 11AM, I was informed that they had already sold 3 cases, and from what I’ve seen on Twitter, the OUAT fans aren’t going to let this sit for long! So, hurry down to Main Street Brewery or O’Hares. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds are going to be donated to a DTES charity, which is great! Great beer for a good cause! Awesome work gentlemen!

With Hollywood North EXPLODING with filming and the Vancouver beer scene always growing, hopefully this isn’t the last brewery/actor collab we see. Imagine all the possibilities! Flash SMASH, Legends Lager, Supernatural Swartzbier, Arrow Altbier. (I watch a lot of the CW don’t I…)

Source: Beer Birds



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