A&E talked about what’s to come for Robin.

Moving on to Regina and Robin, when you killed off the real Robin last year, was it always the plan to introduce the Wish World version?
Horowitz: We came up with it later. One of the things we always wanted to do was an alternate universe, and we thought it was a great way to test Regina, very similar thematically to what we just said about Hook. Regina thought she could do a shortcut — “I’m going to take all the evil stuff, the stuff I hate about myself and throw it away.” I think she’s learning that life doesn’t work like that. Life isn’t black and white, it’s grey. Her having to deal with the past to move on to the future, that’s exactly what this Robin Hood is. He looks like her Robin Hood, but he’s obviously a different person. It’s her coming to terms with that, and it’s coming to terms with letting go of Robin and moving forward.

Kitsis: And it goes back to the DNA of making a wish — careful what you wish for. The wish realm doesn’t just conjure something perfect and easy to fix your problems. That’s not how wishes work.

So, what is this Robin’s agenda in Storybrooke?
Kitsis: We develop it a lot this coming weekend and we see that there’s part of an agenda, and there’s part of a this guy is out of place, is not where he belongs. He’s a part of something greater than he ever knew — this love story Regina had with the real Robin. He’s struggling to find his place and that’s going to cause complications not just for himself, but for people like Regina who care for him, or cared for the original recipe Robin.



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