Dear Nobody

Sean Maguire as Chris

Genre: Drama, Romance
Running Time: 27 min.
Release Date: 1997
Director: Juliet May
Producer(s): Andrew Rowley
Screenplay: Richard Cameron, Berlie Doherty
Cast: Katie Blake, Peter Davison, Barbara Flynn, Rebecca Manley, …


Teenage couple Helen and Chris begin a sexual relationship. They face difficult decisions when Helen falls pregnant. Her parents are unaware of how far it has gone. Their focus is on her academic progress and future opportunities. Helen’s emotional state changes as she struggles with her thoughts and whether or not she can share them with Chris.


Sean plays Chris who is very much in love with his girlfriend Helen. His world is rocked when Helen tells him that she is pregnant and then later breaks up with him because she thinks it’s best for the both of them. He doesn’t understand it. He loves her and their baby and wants to be with her. Later, he realizes that he is not ready for it. He needs to grow up before he can be a father.