LA Blues

Sean Maguire as Jack Davis

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 95 min.
Release Date: April 4, 2007 (Method Fest Independent Film Festival)
Director: Ian Gurvitz
Producer(s): Randy Carter
Screenplay: Ian Gurvitz
Cast: Kevin Rahm, William Ragsdale, Dave Foley, Anthony Michael Hall, Nicholas D’Agosto, Marsha Thomason, Liza Lapira, …


The story is told in flashback by one of the characters to a female detective who comes on the scene of what may have been an attempted suicide and he unravels the story of a year in the lives of 6 guys who hang out in a blues bar in Hollywood, watch sports, trash talk, and bitch about their lives, as they go through problems ranging from construction nightmares to divorce, gambling addiction, alcoholism, child custody fights, and all the headaches and heartaches men go through in the course of their lives.


Sean plays Jack Davis, an actor with a drinking and ex-wife problem. He can’t seem to keep his hands from the booze which is constantly getting him in trouble with his agent and his ex-wife. On top of that, his ex-wife is fighting him for custody for their daughter. Jack has to show that his daughter is more important to him than a drink.


  • Sean and Marsha Thomason are really good friends who hang out together with their spouses and kids in their free time.