Mister Eleven

Sean Maguire as Dr. Daniel Fenn

Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 90 min.
Release Date: December 11, 2009
Director: Paul Gay
Producer(s): Greg Brenman, Richard Fell, Jacquie Glanville, Nicola Larder
Screenplay: Amanda Coe
Cast: Michelle Ryan, Adam Garcia, Denis Lawson, Lynda Bellingham, Olivia Colman, Nicholas Burns, …


As her wedding day dawns, everything seems as perfect as it could be until numbers-obsessed maths teacher Saz Paley (Michelle Ryan) discovers that her perfect Mister Eleven is actually an imperfect Mister Ten. Saz believes that the best match for any British woman is her eleventh sexual partner.

So what will become of Saz’s new husband, the heart-throb Accident and Emergency doctor, and all round Mr Perfect, San (Sean Maguire)? Will he be relegated from being Mr Statistically Right to Mr All Wrong?

Will the handsome Aussie, Alex (Adam Garcia), who turns up at the wedding unexpectedly as an old friend’s “plus one” become the new Mister Eleven? Or will Saz finally wise up and let true love take the lead over her numeric obsession?


Sean plays Dr. Daniel Fenn. He is very much in love with Saz and believes to have found the right one with her. He is heartbroken when she starts doubting that they should be together due to him not being her Mister Eleven. He doesn’t want to let her go but if she can’t make up her mind there is not much left for him to stay for.


  • Sean and Adam Garcia also appear together in the movie With Friends Like These.