Prince Charming

Sean Maguire as Prince John

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Running Time: 87 min.
Release Date: July 13, 2003 (USA)
Director: Allan Arkush
Producer(s): George Horie, Martin Walters, Matthew O’Connor
Screenplay: Doug Palau
Cast: Martin Short, Christina Applegate, Andrea Martin, Billy Connolly, Bernadette Peters, Colin Fox, Carly Street, Marcia Bennett, …


Sentenced to a flogging? No such luck for Prince John (Sean Maguire) and his bumbling wizard sidekick Rodney (Martin Short). They’re sentenced to frogging, doomed forever to a life of lily ponds and a diet of flies – or until John can convince a sweet damsel both to kiss his moist froggy lips and become his bride.

Laughs and romance abound in this charming fairytale update that plops medieval John and Rodney some 500 years forward in New York’s Central Park. There, coping with city life is trouble… but coping with love may be too much for man or frogman. Especially when John falls for one woman (Christina Applegate) but must wed the woman (Bernadette Peters) whose kiss first freed him.


Sean plays Prince John, a ladies man who is betrothed to Princess Gwendolyn. But he just can’t keep his fingers from fair maidens and so he ends up a frog to learn a lesson. Throughout the movie, he learns what true love means when he falls in love with Kate (the spitting image of Princess Gwendolyn) and that Rodney is not just his sidekick but a true friend.


  • This is Sean’s first American movie production.
  • In one scene a police officer asks Prince John “Who do you think you are, Robin Hood?”. Sean went on to play Robin Hood years later on Once Upon A Time.
  • Sean and Christina Applegate are both members of the Los Angeles Shakespeare Company headed by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.