Songs For Amy

Sean Maguire as Sean O’Malley

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
Running Time: 103 min.
Release Date: April 2012 (Newport Beach International Film Festival)
Director: Konrad Begg
Producer(s): Fiona Graham, Angela Murray
Screenplay: Fiona Graham, Ford Kiernan, Konrad Begg
Cast: James Cosmo, Kevin Ryan, Patrick Bergin, Barry Ward, Alexandra Weaver, Ford Kiernan, Gavin Mitchell, …


The story follows Sean O’Malley (Sean Maguire), a struggling Galway musician who coerces his band (Lost And Sound) to record songs he has written for the love of his life, Amy (Lorna Anderson) in the hope of redeeming himself after messing up their wedding. The album’s production takes him on a rollercoaster journey of friendship, love, loss, music, hope and unexpected turns where he is both helped and hindered by his misfit band mates.


Sean plays Sean O’Malley, a musician. He has found the love of his life in Amy and can’t wait to marry her and start a life with her but things don’t go as planned and he ends up missing his own wedding. After she breaks up with him, he decides to win her back by making an album for her. He puts all he has into it because to him she is worth it.


  • Sean sings all the songs himself.
  • Not only is Sean’s character also named Sean but his character also has a sister named Katie just like Sean does.


  • Won for Oustanding Achievement in Filmmaking (Konrad Begg, Sonny and Skye Productions) and Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking at Newport Beach Film Festival in 2012