Sean Maguire as Ian Fleming

Episode: 1.04 Party At Castle Varlar
Air Date: October 24, 2016 on NBC
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Created By: Eric Kripke & Shawn Ryan
Directed By: Billy Gierhart
Written By: Jim Barnes
Selected Cast: Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Goran Visnjic

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Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are shocked when they’re told the mothership has landed in Nazi Germany, but time is short, and they’re the only ones equipped to kill Flynn and end his psychotic crusade. Now, in hot pursuit of a genius with sinister associations, the team weighs the consequences of Flynn’s destruction, meets the man behind one of literature’s most popular figures, and endures a very uncomfortable… party.


Ian Fleming, known to most as the creator of James Bond, was a real life British spy during World War II prior to writing the novels. This episode portrays him in a James Bond style, having been recruited by MI6 to infiltrate the Nazis and send reports back to home base.

He is smart, suave, brave and a bit of a ladies man, charmingly hitting on Lucy several times. But he’s very much a feminist and has faith in Lucy’s abilities in regards to the mission. He doesn’t question her or diminish her input, but treats her as an equally capable member of the team. His heart is in the right place and he not only helps the team with their mission, but also to come to terms with some things about themselves.


“Fleming. Ian Fleming.”
Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt meet a British spy, who turns out to be the infamous Ian Fleming.
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“It’s bad form to leave a poured glass full.”
Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt tell Fleming about Flynn’s plan and he agrees to help them.
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“The purpose of a spy is to blend in.”
With Fleming’s help, the time travelers find the rocket but the bomb is missing.
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“This man’s rockets rained on Britain during Blitz.”
While Lucy and Wyatt have a disagreement about the mission, Fleming lets them know about his plan.
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“Trust me! We’ll find him.”
Lucy and Fleming have a heart to heart about why he is doing what he is doing.
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“Love your movies! Movies?”
Lucy and Fleming find Flynn but he is a step ahead and they are captured by the Nazis.
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“There is right and there is wrong.”
Wyatt and Rufus help Fleming and Lucy and together the heroes run from the Nazis and Flynn. They barely escape.
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“Never say never!”
Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt say goodbye to Ian Fleming but not before he hits on Lucy one last time.
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  • The episode was filmed in Canada.
  • Sean also worked with director Billy Gierhart on Once Upon A Time.
  • Sean had to learn German for this role.
  • It is Sean’s favorite guest role.
  • Sean dyed his hair darker for this role and shaved off his beard.