While it was Robin and OUAT that made me fall in love with Sean I have to admit that ‘Off Centre’ is my fav project of his. The show is just so hilarious and I love Sean in it and Sean, Eddie, John and Jason are just amazing together. What I also really love is that they all stayed friends all these years and that Sean and Jason did another show called ‘Eve’ together.

You will also notice a few familiar faces while going through the caps like JoAnna Garcia (who played Ariel on OUAT), Patrick Fischler (who played Isaac on OUAT), Bethany Joy Lenz (from One Tree Hill) and Sarah Shahi (from Person Of Interest).

I added the first half of S1. The screencaptures are good quality minus episode 5. Unfortunately, there are no better versions of the show. Hopefully, it will come out on DVD someday or be repeated on TV so I can maybe get better copies. Anyways, enjoy!


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