The official page for Sean’s new movie ‘The Red Dress’ is finally up at eOne Television. No release date yet!

I uploaded the movie poster and HD screencaptures from the trailer to the gallery and you can read the synopsis below. Enjoy!

Rainer and Patricia’s jet-setting lifestyle is irreparably altered after a horrible tragedy – the loss of their child. Determined to build a new life, they move to an idyllic, remote portion of the island of Malta. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, their strained relationship is reinvigorated, but the good times don’t last for long…wounded hearts, tormented souls and twisted emotions make dangerous companions. As haunting events from the past plague them – each learn more than they bargained for, too many betrayals and too much deception, psychosis and tragedy undermine their hope for survival. Will the wilderness destroy them or will they destroy themselves?


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