Sean Maguire Daily is finally back! Happy 3rd Birthday! I can’t believe that it has been 3 years already since I opened this site. So many things have happened since then. I got the chance to meet Sean and get to know him, the site became Sean’s official site and I had the pleasure to interview Sean several times and of course I am not forgetting all the amazing Hoodies that love this site and for all the nice things you guys say. I appreciate it very much.

I worked all day long on this new theme which hopefully you all will enjoy as much as I do. As mentioned this is a new theme and there are over 600 posts to go through so bare with me if older posts don’t look the same as upcoming ones.

I decided to go with a simple look with Sean’s shoot from Regard Magazin that I just love so much. The theme I really enjoy because it gives me the freedom to create pages differently which will come in handy for all the content that I am working on.

The gallery with be matched within the next hour or two. My arm is about to fall off.

Let me know what you think of the new look and theme and if you are having problems navigating the site or if there are any errors and enjoy!


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