Two years ago, I opened this site because of my love and admiration for Sean Maguire as an actor, singer and human being. Sean thanked me the very same day even though he was on vacation in Italy which just made me an even bigger fan because I could see how humble and appreciative he is.

Now, two years later, this site is a little monster. It’s housing over 61,000 pictures and over 200 clips and so much more and it’s growing each day. Thanks to Sean being the amazing guy that he is it’s also his official site now which I’m eternally grateful for.

I’m not one for making big speeches so I will keep this short. Thanks to Sean, his wife Tanya and his mom Kathleen for the support they show on twitter. It means so much to me.
But most importantly thanks to all the Hoodies. Thanks for all the love and support. Thanks for the help and donations of pictures and helping out with information. Thanks for visiting and thanks for being the best fans ever. I love you all.

That said, enjoy the newest layout with some of the most amazing pics of Sean thanks to my friend Andry. I hope you enjoy it. Also, the theme is brand new. If you experience any errors please let me know.


Sending everyone my love <3


  1. We love you too!!!! Thank you so much for all you do for Sean and his fans. Love the site and appreciate all the wonderful clips, photos and news about my favorite actor and wonderful guy, Sean Maguire! You’re my No. 1 source for all things Sean Maguire! <3 <3


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