A few weeks ago, I asked you to post your selfies with the “By Hook or By Crook” shirt. I didn’t reveal what it was for back then but I will now. Well, sort of. The idea behind it was similar as to what I’m about to present to you, just smaller. The wheels in my head just couldn’t stop turning and then I came up with this little project that will also be Sean’s Birthday Project.

As you all know, Sean is a social justice freak and stands up for what he believes in and always tries to do good and help those in need that are less fortunate. He really just has a Heart Of Gold and I know that his fans do too.

2016 has been a bad year for so many people and while thinking about it all, I realized that I’m lucky and fortunate. I have the most important things a person needs: health, family and friends, a roof over my head, food on the table and a job. Many people don’t have this and I think it’s on us to help those in need that are not as lucky.

So what I propose is as Sean once (or more often) said: DONATE! No matter the amount or charity. If you can help someone that is the greatest gift of all.

Here are a few charities and organizations that are very dear to Sean but you can give to any charity you want, really. It’s about giving:


Planned Parenthood

Haven House

White Helmets

Save The Children

Robin Hood NYC

By Hook or By Crook – Proceeds go to Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre


Fandom United & Fandom United Shirts

For every donation to any of those charities (or whichever you want to support) you are counted as a Golden Heart. For every Golden Heart, SMD will donate $1 to a charity of Sean’s choosing.

All I need from you is proof of your donation (a screencap of your donation confirmation email or a selfie with the shirt (those that posted their selfie when I asked are already counted as a Golden Heart)), your name and your twitter handle (if you have one). You can send this to me via contact form with the subject: ‘Heart Of Gold’ Project.

You can donate as often as you want. Each donation is a Golden Heart.

DEADLINE: April 17, 2017

SMD’s donation will be made on Sean’s birthday.



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