There’s a new bromance in Storybrooke!

As fans saw in the final moments of last week’s Once Upon a Time, a desperate Captain Hook turned to fellow lovelorn Robin Hood to help him discover just what Emma is hiding behind that locked door in her house—and the team-up comes to the absolute delight of one half of Hobin (Rook? This ship name might need some work.), Sean Maguire. The erstwhile Merry Men leader tells E! News that he’s looking forward to many, many more adventures with Colin O’Donoghue‘s Hook.

“All I can say is I hope we see a lot more of it because Colin’s one of my best friends and I love him to death and I think he’s a terrific actor,” Sean tells us. “So it’s a double pleasure to film scenes with him because we just get along so well.”

Robin and Hook joining forces is just one example of showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz‘s desire to put together characters we haven’t often seen work as duos in seasons past, much like Hook’s team-up with Henry (Jared Gilmore) in the season premiere. With that in mind, who else might Maguire want his character to team up with next?

“I think I’ve interacted with everyone at this point, but I haven’t had a huge amount to do with Snow and Charming, and I love Ginnie [Goodwin] and Josh [Dallas] so working with them a bit more would be fun,” he admits. “But I think in this part of the season, we’re [working] as a group, because we’ve all been brought to Camelot and now we’ve got to figure out how to get ourselves back and save Emma from being the Dark One. And I’ve got to figure out my parenting situation. So, there’s a lot to be resolved. I think the boys Eddy and Adam have already teased that it’s going to get darker before it gets lighter.”

He’s not kidding about that parenting situation. With evil Zelena (Rebecca Mader) pregnant with his child after tricking him into sleeping with her (by posing as the wife she’d murdered, no less!), Robin’s relationship with Regina (Lana Parilla) is certainly challenged. So, what’s a guy to do? “I think it’s a complicated situation that doesn’t really have a simple solution,” Sean says. “I suppose it’s reminiscent of anybody that’s been in a relationship and has a child with another relationship and how that crosses lines. In this case, it wasn’t with an ex-lover. He thought it was an ex-lover, it was actually a mortal enemy. But there’s a baby, and the baby still has to be looked after regardless of who made it.”

As upstanding a guy as Robin may be, Maguire tells us that there’s little love there between his character and Zelena. “Obviously if the baby wasn’t there, despite his moral compass, I think he’d be quite glad if she was no longer alive,” he says. “She killed his wife, and she killed many of his friends, and she’s just pure evil. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of redemption in her worth saving, but we’ll have to see how the season plays out.”

Looks like a certain former resident of Oz better watch her back once her baby’s born.

Are you loving the Robin-Hook pairing? And do you think Zelena’s days are numbered once the baby arrives? Sound off in the comments below!

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Source: E!Online


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