So I just came home and I had to share this.
I saw this tweet a few hours ago while in public. I might have squealed and smiled like an idiot (who am I kidding I totally did both those things) and some people might have looked at me funny (it really wasn’t just some but all people and they definitely looked at me funny) but I didn’t care because it’s the sweetest thing ever.


This means so much to me. Knowing that he likes and appreciates it totally made my day.

I also want to say a big thanks to everyone who voted and commented on here, twitter, tumblr and other forums and who is following the site. I’m really happy that you all enjoy it.
Like I said before, I have so many more things to add. So stay tuned 😀


  1. As I told u on twitter..this idea has been f***ing cool!!! I love the site and I hope to be truly involved in this project from now on! I’m glad Sean reply u..he is truly the sweetest! xxx


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