In a recent interview director Bola Ogun talked a little bit about her newest short film Are We Good Parents?. I really can’t wait to see this film. It sounds interesting.

BGN: Now that you have completed The Water Phoenix and you’re promoting it on the festival circuit, what is your next step as a writer and director, are there any more projects you’re working on currently?
Bola: I just locked picture on my next short called Are We Good Parents?; it stars Tracie Thoms from Rent and American Gods and Sean Maguire, who was just in Once Upon a Time. Are We Good Parents is about a couple who believes their daughter is gay until she tells them she is going to the dance with someone named Ryan. They’re freaking out about their parenting skills, and wondering if they did anything wrong and how to fix things, it’s really good and I’m really excited about it.


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