I was in Utrecht, Netherlands the other weekend and got the opportunity to see Sean again. I could never get tired of meeting him because he makes every single time special and goes out of his way to make the experience as beautiful and amazing as possible. He took time out of his busy schedule to make room for me and let me interview him again and I can’t thank him enough for it.

I can’t tell you enough just how amazing he is with ALL his fans and how he makes everyone feel so special and I’m so grateful for all that he does and all that he gives to his fans. He is one of a kind for sure.

If you should ever get the chance to meet him: DO IT! Totally worth it.

I hope you enjoy this interview. This one concentrates more on Sean’s career and acting. The last question is included as an audio file because I think it’s beautiful to hear Sean talk about this and I think it will help a lot of people. A huge thanks to my friend Susanne for helping with the audio and transcribing it for you guys.

Which project are you most proud of?

That’s a good question. I think probably doing Romeo and Juliet on stage, because I sorta felt out of my depth and I have never been on stage acting before and to start with Shakespeare was a tough task but I got through it and it actually went well. It gave me courage to go on, because I’m not naturally gifted or anything, I have to work really hard at things to get to a level where they are just acceptable. So that was something I was really proud of. Even the London Times gave me a good review which was very surprising considering I’ve been in a soap opera and made bad pop records. So that is something I’m really proud of.

But I was also very proud of Timeless. I was only a guest on it but I was really happy how that turned out. I enjoyed doing it.

The most challenging character to play and the easiest?

Again the most challenging was Romeo just because learning 2 1/2 hours of Shakespeare is like learning a new language.

The easiest, I don’t know. Maybe Euan in Off Centre. It was easy because I was having so much fun. I was just really going to work, blowing kisses to the sky every day because I was just so happy and I was working with, what are still now, 3 of my best friends. Off Centre must be one of my favorites for many reasons.

How would you prepare for a truly nasty character? How would you get into the mindset of that kinda character?

Well everything starts with the writing. The writing is like a roadmap that tells you how you are supposed to get from A to B to C and then after that, I suppose if it’s a really horrific character, there are case studies. If it’s a murderer find out about them. Look up interviews. Find out what they have said, what their explanations are.

But you know, research will help you only so much. For me, I work on a script and I go to bed and it kinda marinates in my head and I wake up the next day and go “I missed a trick here. Maybe I should try that again this way”. I find with a good piece of writing, I need 3 days to really get it into my system. Your first impression is a bit like you get with a person. Sometimes you get some of it but not all of it and you need to keep coming back and go “And now I’ve got the truth of it. Now what would make it more interesting. What would make it more watchable.” The job of an actor is to convey the truth that is on the page to the reality but you also need to make sure to make it interesting and find a way to make the audience keep watching.

How do you think actors deal with playing such a role? How do they not let themselves be consumed by such a character and take their work home?

I mean I can’t speak for anyone else. I tend to leave my work at work. I mean it depends. I’ve never really played that kinda character. I’ve played not very nice people, somewhat bad people but nothing like a Hannibal Lector or so.

I mean there was one role I did when I was 21 or 22 called ‘Out Of Depth’ and that was one of the times when I took my work home with me and I came home in a really bad way a lot of the time. I actually moved out of my flat and stayed with my mum and dad because I felt like I needed mothering.

You know when you are younger you kinda wanna try method acting and as you get a little bit older you hopefully pick up a little bit of technique and you can try and get to the place without like having to stab yourself in the leg so you would know what pain feels like. So yeah, as you get a little bit older hopefully technique can take over.

Each role is so different that’s why it’s always an interesting challenge.

What show would you like to guest star on and what kinda role?

‘House of Cards’ and I’d like to play the biggest, most hateful prick on the planet. I would wanna play someone almost to the hateful level of Joffrey on GOT. Someone really, really loathsome. I would really enjoy that. I’ve never played a character that makes you wanna throw a shoe to your television. That’s what I would want.

I did find something that was between me and someone else but unfortunately it went to the other guy but that is the business. I still have to work my ass off for roles that I really want to get.

Is there a role you didn’t take and regretted?

Funnily enough, and I think I mentioned that before. I met Adam Horowitz for the pilot of OUAT and they didn’t offer me but they wanted to test me for the role because they said they like me and they are interested. But at the same time, I was offered something else. No testing or anything. A straight up offer. It was a comedy by the guy from ‘The Family Guy’ and I knew he was really funny and I figured I should go with the safe bet. So I took that job and never ended up testing for OUAT. But then Jamie Dornan got that role and I think he would have beaten me for it anyway.

Then OUAT became a big hit and the other show didn’t get picked up so I was like “Crap. That was a mistake on my part because I remember saying to Adam that it’s the most original script I have read that year and that it would either become a big hit or the network wouldn’t know what to do with it.”


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