The other week, I had the pleasure of meeting Sean again. It was my first time at a con in the US and my first time in the US and I loved every second of it.
When I got to the con, Sean recognized me right away and introduced me to his handler as his official website runner and hugged me. Needless to say, that alone made me appreciate him even more than I already do. We talked a bit and I asked him if there was any chance to ever get an exclusive interview for the site. He didn’t hesitate and immediately said yes.
So after lunch, I got the chance to interview Sean and ask him a couple of questions. Enjoy!

M: Heroes or Villains? Anyone specific from the Marvel or DC universe you would like to play?

Sean: Well, I’ve played heroes before and I recently had a role where I got to play both sides and I realized that playing the baddie is much more fun and it’s something I would definitely love to do a bit more.
The way roles come, sometimes you get offered things and sometimes you gotta go in and fight for them and sometimes you gotta take a job because it’s a job. For me, I’m trying to be a bit more choosy at the moment and the idea of playing a villain would be very appealing to me.
There is no one specific I would like to play just someone who gets really delicious lines because I think writers push themselves harder with villains. There is a bit more depth and complexity to a villain. They wanna show them as humans and show why are they the way they are whereas a hero can be just a hero.

M: What is the most valuable lesson you learned from a set or an actor?

Sean: I’ve worked with a number of actors and one of the actors I credit with giving me a real lesson as a young actor is David Morrissey who I first worked with on a movie called “Waterland” (later again on “The 7.39”). It was a really difficult movie. It was cold and everybody was miserable and David’s behavior on set was a great example of how it should be done and how I try to behave on set. Be on time, be professional, know your lines, treat everybody with respect, just the basic things really.

M: If you had the chance to play anyone in a biopic who would it be and why?

Sean: I’m really enjoying playing Ian Fleming. If they made a movie of him I would be happy to do that.
There is lots of people but one of my great heroes that I read a lot about is Da Vinci. I mean, I don’t think I would cast myself to play him. I would probably cast Daniel Day-Lewis.
But yeah, Da Vinci is someone I have been fascinated with my whole life. I think he is the most brilliant human to ever exist and even though I wouldn’t cast myself he would be the person I would be most interested in playing.

M: What was your favorite project so far and why?

Sean: I always say that “Off Centre” is one of my favorite projects so far because three of my best friends in the world are still my best friends. They are like my brothers. I never had more fun on a day to day basis but I have to say this new gig on “Timeless” was amazing. When you see the episode you will see why I got such a kick out of it.
It was just great to have the writers there and do things I have never done before like speak in another language and just the great lines they wrote for my character and it was just all my favorite things as an actor. I got encouraged to try new things and if I wanted to do a scene or line a different way I got to try it. It was the most fun I had in a while.

M: Is there a chance for a reunion with the “Off Centre” guys?

Sean: Eddie asked me the other day to come and do a guest spot on “Scorpion” and he is like a brother to me so I would jump at the chance to work with him. So if the right role comes up I might do a guest spot on “Scorpion”.
John is about to develop his own show, so maybe if there is a role I might do something with John since we are very close.
But you know, I would work with Jason, John or Eddie for free really because I just love those guys so much.

M: How do you feel about musicals? Would you do one and which one?

Sean: Well, it’s not my favorite genre. I’ve been asked in the past and I just don’t feel like I have the skill-set and it’s a really though job doing 8 shows a week singing and acting and all of it.
I would always say no until I heard the soundtrack for “Hamilton” which completely blew me away. It’s so extraordinary that if I was asked to play King George who only has like 2 numbers on the show, though I don’t think I can sing well enough for that, but I would do it just because I think “Hamilton” is an absolute groundbreaking piece of genius. I haven’t even seen it yet and it might be the best thing I’ve seen on stage by the time I see it.
Big credit to Lin-Manuel for writing something that’s just a game-changer and I think anybody that sees it says the same. I’m very excited to see it.
I was asked to do the musical of Once, ironically, the Irish thing but there is a High C that I can’t hit and I’m not gonna ask them to change the music just for that.
I like doing theater but my favorite medium is film and television.

M: That would be the next question. How do you feel about doing another play?

Sean: I love doing theater but my experience the last time I did one wasn’t the best and sadly, it wasn’t what I hoped it would be so that kinda made me not want to do it again.
I was just asked to do a play in London but it’s just not the right time. If the right play comes up at the right time I will certainly go back to the stage.

M: Who from the OUAT cast would you love to work with again? Anything specific you would want to do?

Sean: (without hesitating) Colin!
And Bobby. I absolutely adore Bobby. I’ve told Bobby this and it’s no secret that he is a real hero of mine and one of the actors I look up to, admire and respect. He is also the nicest and coolest guy in the world. I like that you know where you stand with him. For me it was a dream come true. He is a gentleman who’s got an amazing wife and amazing kids and I just adore them all.
Nothing specific really. Maybe a caper movie?

M: Aside from Star Wars is there any other franchise you would love to do?

Sean: Indiana Jones, James Bond obviously and Star Trek would be fun.

M: Actors you would like to work with and why?

Sean: The answer for all of them is because they are brilliant. Daniel Day-Lewis, Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Paul Scofield (if he was still alive), Mads Mikkelsen, Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and of course Gorgeous George (Clooney).

M: Any more actresses except for Robin?

Sean: I worked with her before and I absolutely adore her and I think she is fast becoming one of the best actresses on television – Sarah Paulson. Meryl Streep, obviously. Working with Abigail Spencer at the moment is fun. She is terrific, brilliant and a lovely girl.

M: Do you have a favorite song from “Songs for Amy”?

Sean: Either “Really Gone” which is a really beautiful, heartbreaking song or “Soul Friend”. I really connected with those songs and they made me want to do the movie even more. Also, they are by two very talented musicians Ultan Conlon and Jim McKee.
I mean, I have made  records before and I haven’t really been proud of those but the soundtrack for “Songs for Amy” has a lot of heart and soul and I’m really proud of it.

M: What type of movie would you like to do?

Sean: I really enjoy biopics so that would be interesting. I just really like things taken from history and shown how they came to be but also doing action sequences because they are fun to do.
But that’s really why I love the job. No two things are the same. Comedy is fun for it’s own reasons and action movies and sequences are fun because you kinda get to be a kid again. You get to play cops and robbers only “for real” and you just get to do so many cool things. I can’t say much but the things I got to do on “Timeless” just made me feel like a 5 year old again.

Highlights of the interview:
– My name is difficult to pronounce but Sean insisted on calling me the right way which I found very cute. In the end he gave up and named me M which fits perfectly into the James Bond universe. I’m the M to his Ian Fleming 😉
– We talked about the time I met his mom and she told him about meeting his fans and he said: “I don’t refer to them as my fans.” (How sweet is that?)
– There is my own experience of meeting Sean, there is what I hear or read from other people but during the interview I got the chance to experience it for myself how Sean interacts with his fans. It was amazing to watch him listen to everyone and encourage them if they told him something personal or just go over and hug them. He was very sweet and not because they were paying but because he really cares about them and because that’s the person he is.
What I can say after this amazing weekend is that Sean Maguire has a lifelong fan in me and that I will be supporting him and his career for a very long time. I admire his honesty and bluntness. In a world of fake-ness esp Hollywood it’s a breath of fresh air to have someone like Sean in it.
Another thing that is clear to me is that Sean doesn’t care about the paycheck. Not when it comes to his projects and not when it comes to his fans at conventions. He does his job because he loves acting and not for the paycheck and he goes to conventions because he loves to talk to his fans and give back. That is very admirable.
If you ever have the chance to just go say “Hi” to him, do it. He is a fantastic guy with a great sense of humor and, on a shallow note, he is very easy on the eyes (with and without his beard). Totally worth standing in line for or even flying halfway across the world.


  1. While you were there starting the interview in San Jose I was getting an autograph and chatting with Sean. I said I volunteer for the Lady Washington he was very gracious and thanked me and someone official snapped our photo. I was hoping I could get a copy or find it posted somewhere. Any chance?

  2. Lovely interview! I also met him in San Jose & he is most definitely a sweetheart to talk to! I hope to see more of his interviews. So curious to know what he calls us…


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