I know this is several months old but I just found it. Don’t know how I missed it.

Sean Maguire is an Irish actor who has been at his craft since he was five years old. He was very excited and happy to participate in CineMagic’s event. When a young lady named Gloria, who was one of the school’s performers, expressed to me that she would love to meet Sean Maguire, I made the introduction. Sean immediately set to talking and encouraging Gloria and her group of friends.

The Hollywood 360:  What is exciting about being here tonight?

Sean Maguire:  It’s exciting to be asked to participate in this nice organization.  My family is from Cavan and the other part of my family is from northern Ireland… one hour from Belfast.  So if I am asked to do anything to promote young people, talent,  and home,  then I am onboard.

The Hollywod 360:  How old were you when you first started acting?

Sean Maguire:  I made my first film when I was five –years- old.  Luckily I managed to keep working from then until now.  It’s been thirty-five years in the business.

The Hollywood 360: What does it take to stay so successful when you start that young and stay relevant?
Sean Maguire:  Staying relevant in of itself is difficult because you have to move and grow…there are physical elements that you can’t control.  You’re either going to become a leading man or a character actor, then you have to hope someone is going to employ you.  Then there is the other side of it, can you stay on that road without falling off and becoming an alcoholic or a drug addict …I just credit having very good parents that were incredible at steering me not just for my mental health, but toward the career choices I made.  My Dad pulled me out of school when I was on a tv show at 14, and told me to focus on my exams.  He said acting was a fickle career and you don’t know how long it will last.  You are going to need an education.  That wasn’t appealing to a 14- year old, but he was right.  Leaving that show for another show was a good move.  Sometimes making the right decisions for a child can inform the decisions for the career.

It’s like anything, if you want to make art…Don’t go for the money.  Go for the Art. Keep on the straight and narrow.  Get the child’s education right, make sure as a parent, you’re involved in their life, keep an eye on their friends and the talent hopefully can blossom from there.

The Hollywood 360: What is the difference between being an actor in your home country and as opposed to LA?

Sean Maguire:  Here’s the big stage.  Like a boxer you strap around hoping to get your name big enough.  This is the big time.  These young people tonight  come out here and do the red carpet and be interviewed…it’s a taste of what is hopefully to come for them.  Hopefully they can enjoy it and take it in their stride and not have them knock them off the road.
Acting is acting.  I’ve loved the crew of everything I’ve ever done.  The mechanics are the same with acting.  But here there’s so much more money.  LOL.  In England you’re not going to your trailer when you are not on set, you’re going to the caravan with three other actors.  Here you actually get the trailer and have a chair with your name on it.  It blows your mind when you are a young actor.

The Hollywood 360: Talk about your role in Once Upon A Time as Robin Hood.

Sean Maguire:  It’s been a lovely gift as a role and introduced me to all sorts of people I would have never met.  The cast and crew, I adore.  There are very clever writers and the concept was a bit of a stroke of genius. Now they are enjoying their sixth season and with this tv landscape, it’s hard to do.


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