Check out another amazing interview with Sean that he did with Sydney Bucksbaum for Nerdist.

What’s the only thing better than playing James Bond? Playing the real-life spy who created him. Timeless is about to travel back in time to when famous spy and author Ian Fleming was the one introducing himself as “Fleming. Ian Fleming,” and Sean Maguire, the lucky actor who got the chance to portray the most famous secret agent in the world, still can’t believe he was able to take on one of his dream roles.

“It was pure joy,” Maguire tells Nerdist of joining Timeless as Ian Fleming. “Obviously there is a little bit of trepidation when you’re going to play an iconic character like that. But [even though] he’s an icon, not many people have seen Ian Fleming talk. It’s not like trying to impersonate Muhammad Ali, or somebody that everyone has seen walk and talk. I got to relax into it and realize that we were trying to capture the essence of where Bond came from.”

Read the full interview


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