I don’t even know what to say. I knew it was happening but I didn’t for one second believe that it would be done in such a disrespectful way to Sean, Robin’s character, the Outlaw Queen relationship or the fans. I’m angry and sad and so many other emotions.

Sean was a great Robin Hood. I loved what he brought to the show even though the writers didn’t seem to trust him with much. Anyone who has seen his other projects knows that Sean is extremely talented and if he had been given the material he could have made Robin even better than he already was. I will miss him so much but I can honestly say that I won’t miss the show and I will no longer watch it. My loyalty is with Sean and if he goes so do I and I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.

I wish him all the best in the future and I will be here to support him no matter what.

I added his last stills on OUAT. A huge thanks to FarFarAwaySite for the stills as usual.


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