Once Upon a Time returns this Sunday with it’s spring premiere episode, “Darkness on the Edge of Town,” and we have a bunch of spoiler free goodies for you!

Hypable attended a screening of the next two episodes of Once Upon a Time and while we don’t want to give away the whole thing, we definitely want to share the parts that made us gasp and laugh.

Normally we share just a handful of things about the premiere with you but today we’ll be sharing five things you can expect and four Once Upon a Time quotes you’re going to love:

  • Cruella can definitely hold up her own against the likes of Ursula and Malificent. You’ll have to watch to find out how.
  • New plot, new curse.. Well, technically it’s an old curse since this story takes place in the flashbacks. But don’t worry, it still feels fresh!
  • A very, very classic villain appears. Remember when the walking brooms made an appearance and everyone basically lost their minds? Those very same fans are going to go crazy when this villain appears.
  • It’s all about true heroism. This season’s story arc is very much about who’s a hero and who’s evil. If you remember the plot with the heart of the truest believer, this season is all about “the heart with the greatest potential for evil…”
  • Snow and Charming are at it again. This time they have their own agenda, and they don’t want anyone to find out.

Enticing, right?! That’s not all we have for you, though. Below are just a handful of our favorite quotes from the premiere, but you’re going to have to figure out who says what – we don’t want to give it all away!

  • “Love is a weapon, as dangerous and persuasive as magic.”
  • “Who is it?” / “The sea bitch.”
  • “I suppose we should go out and see what’s killing the property value this time.”
  • “This isn’t our first monster bash.”

You guys will have a ton to look forward to this Sunday when Once Upon a Time returns. Be sure to stick around for our interview with Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis later today.

Source: Hypable


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