A few scoops on what’s to come:

On a happier front, Robin Hood is back! You took a lot of time to explain that Robin Hood was definitely dead. What made you want to bring him back?

Horowitz: This is a story idea that we had for a while and we were very excited about it. We were very excited that Sean liked it too and agreed to come back. There was more to we wanted to explore with Regina and this felt like a really good vehicle.

Kitsis: What we loved was this idea of the alternate wish-world. What would be the one thing that could test Regina? As she continually tries to remove the darkness from herself, as she continually tries to take setbacks and move forward, what better way to test her than a reminder of what she’s trying to get over.


ET: What was your goal for this second half of Emma and Regina’s adventure in — what I’m calling — “Wishland”?
Adam Horowitz:
Well, in the wish realm, what we wanted to do was find a way to bring Emma back and to have Regina kind of confront what she has been really concerned about with regards to Robin and the death of Robin, which is, would he have been better off without her?
Eddy Kitsis:
I think one of the things [Regina] found in the winter finale was — when she went back to this alternate wish world, where she did not cast the curse — she started to feel like, “Wow, would everyone have been better without me?” It was kind of an It’s a Wonderful Life situation. So I think the question going into hour two was, “Well, would that have happened with Robin Hood?” And I think once again what we’re going to see Regina facing is if she can move on or does she move back? When her first love [Daniel] died, instead of moving on and moving forward, she resented Snow White and became the evil queen. Now that she’s got Robin Hood, and even though she worked so hard to move forward and split herself, once again she’s faced with a new test.


TVLINE | What is going on in Regina’s mind when last we saw her, as she fixes her eyes on the Wish Realm’s Robin — and in doing so allows the portal to close?
HOROWITZ | Emotion has overcome reason. While everything that Emma was saying makes perfect sense and all that, emotion has overcome reason.

TVLINE | For Emma, what is now the bigger obstacle: creating a new portal, or getting Regina to leave this Robin and return home?
KITSIS | I would say this: We’re in an alt-reality where Emma is partnered up with the person who killed the king and queen, so everyone including their own son is looking for them. Obviously Robin is a bit of a curve ball that no one was expecting, so a bigger obstacle than anything is that this is happening all at once. But I think that where we’re going in the second half is not where the audience thinks we’re going.


And a sneak peek with a few seconds of Robin:


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