Talk about the decision to have Robin Hood return in this way and tease how Regina is going to deal with being around him again in the coming episodes?
This was a story that we’ve been excited about for a while. We love Sean and we thought that this is a fun way to continue to tell the story of Robin Hood, but from a slightly different angle, because this character that we’re meeting isn’t the same Robin Hood who we know. But because he also is sort of a version of that Robin Hood, it clearly has a deep impact on Regina. In the spring premiere, you’ll see that that becomes a huge part of her story, and in effect, Emma and everyone else as well. I don’t think we want to say too much about what happens, but it certainly allows us to explore the wounds that Regina has in regards to Robin, and it allows us to also explore this sort of new character in a fun way.
KITSIS: Since Robin died last year, she’s really kind of questioning. She cut the darkness from her self, only to have it come back. She is figuring some things out deeper than just, “Will I be good today or bad?” We’ve seen Regina have the ability to love and love other people, but somebody that she really actually needs to explore is herself.



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