Emma will need help in that department after basically ruining Regina’s (Lana Parrilla) happy ending by rescuing Robin Hood’s (Sean Maguire) late wife, Maid Marian (Christie Laing), from the Evil Queen’s clutches in the past. “Regina is pissed off,” Parrilla says. “She wants to strangle Emma and she has every reason to. She’s been trying to do the right thing for so long and look where she ends up. She’s planning and scheming on how to deal with the whole Robin Hood heartbreak.”

Still, Horowitz promises that Regina won’t necessarily revert to her season 1 self. “What she’s going to become is an evolution of that character, the character we saw last season who was struggling with discovering that there is some light magic in her, and this new character that’s the latest evolutionary step in her,” he says. “Will that be good? Will that be bad? Is that some mixture of both? That’s what we’re going to explore.” On the bright side, a mission with Henry (Jared Gilmore) could keep her Evil Queen tendencies from coming out. “Maybe some of his light side will rub off on her,” Kitsis adds.

Either way, it will be difficult for Robin Hood to choose between his late wife and Regina. “He as much as said he was in love with Regina last season,” Maguire points out. “It’s a really complicated situation. He’s a righteous, decent man, but when you’re in love, you’re in love.”

And last, but certainly not least, Elsa is not the only newcomer in Storybrooke. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland’s Michael Socha will make his way back to town as Will Scarlet, who was previously a member of Robin Hood’s Merry Men before betraying them. Suffice it to say, they have a contentious relationship, as Socha describes a scene they recently filmed: “There were darts involved and obviously Robin Hood has a good aim,” he says.

Source: EW


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