Robin Hood is back in Storybrooke! Well… kind of.

In tonight’s spring premiere of Once Upon a Time, Emma and Regina managed to escape from Wish Land (with a lot of help from August, of course!) and they brought along a familiar face with them.

Regina, who is both baffled and enamored to see Robin Hood again, fully understands that this is not the man that she fell instantly in love with all those years ago in an Enchanted Forest pub. Her Robin is still dead. (Thanks a lot, Hades.) However, we never did get to discover whatever happened to his soul, so now it looks like we might finally get some answers as Regina’s love life is tested once again.

ET called up Once‘s spellbinding showrunners, Adam Hororwitz and Eddy Kitsis, to get the exclusive scoop on what’s next for Regina, if this means that Sean Maguire is back for good, and the latest behind-the-scenes status on season seven.

Regina brought Wishland Robin back with her to Storybrooke! So does this mean that Sean Maguire is back for good?
Eddy Kitsis:
Sean is back for an arc. So if people think he’s going to be brought back on…
Adam Horowitz: Sean is back for multiple episodes and it is an arc with his character. You know, we don’t want to say how it ends, or why it ends, or what happens, but it’s fun to have him reprise the role but with a little bit of a twist.

So since Robin won’t be sticking around for good, would you say that fans should cherish the time we have with him?
I think fans should cherish the time that we have with all of them.

We know that this is not the Robin Hood that fans have come to know and love, but at times, Regina still looks at him as if this is her long-lost love. How is this twist going to be affecting Regina moving forward?
Well I think that’s exactly the right question, Leanne, which is how is it going to affect someone? He looks just like him, and it’s kind of like a twin brother. That’s not necessarily the Robin she knew and fell in love with — but, yet, it is Robin. I think it’s really frying her brain and I think that finding out who he is is going to cause her to ask some big questions: What does she hope to get out of this? Can you replace someone? Is this the right thing? And who is he? Those are kind of all the little character mysteries that we explain in the second half of this season.



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