Adam and Eddy sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about what’s ahead.

Outlaw Queen: Listen up, Hoodies! Your favorite fairy tale outlaw is going to start getting a lot more screen time. “Robin Hood is going to play a continuing part in this story, and in a more pronounced way, as the season progresses,” Horowitz promised.

Thanks to the fact that Regina’s sister is currently the baby mama of Robin’s unborn child — totally normal, right? — the dynamic between these three adults is understandably linked. However, Kitsis was quick to stress that Robin’s heart will remain tethered to Regina, not Zelena, in this “messy, complicated relationship.”

“You’re going to see them work together as a couple,” Kitsis explained. “You know, we’ve never portrayed Zelena as any sort of romantic threat and that will continue, but we’ll also continue having to see them deal with Zelena, who is quite clearly out of her mind.”

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been having some serious Regina and Robin withdrawals lately, so we followed up with a heavy hitter question: Do you feel like Robin and Regina have the possibility to be one of the great true loves of the series? “I hope so,” Kitsis said.

“When we saw Regina with Daniel, he told her to love again, and she is,” Kitsis continued. “So I would like to think that all of our relationships are pretty meaningful.”

“I think all the relationships on the show, at their core, have an element of hope and can be a true love and have great things happen to them,” Horowitz added. “Of course, sometimes in life, it doesn’t always work out but sometimes it does, so there’s always that hope that it will.”

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