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Sean Maguire:

  • Sean was asked how it is to play a thief in numerous shows. “I look like a sneaky person!”
  • Sean says it (Regina+Robin) is more like a “second chance” because they both had something and lost it.
  • His favorite scene is when Regina got her heart back and they started to really fall in love.
  • He likes that Robin is a loving father and that he is also strong and a good leader.
  • Robin is wary of Rumbelle after his experience with Rumple and being protective of Belle.
  • While Sean respects all of the actors who have portrayed Robin Hood in the past, Sean wants to do his own take on Robin rather than take from other interpretations.
  • Sean said Robin feels responsible for Marion’s death after stealing from Rumple. He had no idea Regina was responsible. He also said he feels obligation to Marion but does love Regina. Will be very difficult for him!

Emilie de Ravin:

  • She said it was cool to play Lacey and then remember Rumple bringing all of those elements together.
  • Says Belle is “not judgmental” and is ready to give a chance to other people.
  • Emilie said Belle has to be careful with Gold. He has a tendency to tell lies!
  • She also said that Rumbelle is a very Romeo and Juliet type of a love story — lots of ups and downs.
  • She says that Rumbelle may split up when she discovers he lied. Rocky road ahead! *side note to avid shippers: I’m sure Emilie has not seen the script yet and the writers are still working on the premiere episode, so don’t take this and go running and crying

Source: Storybrooke Mirror


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