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Sean Maguire:

  • Sean would love to be a villain, either the Evil Queen or Rumple.
  • “Don’t you think you could be a family?” Sean: “I think we are a lovely family.” Lana: “Well, that’s what I wanted if Emma did not screw it up.” Sean: “Hopefully one day we will but we will have a lot of challenges…”
  • Lana asks Sean his point of view by Marianne’s return knowing his character is in love with Regina? Sean: “I was shocked but then I knew something bad would happen because it is the evil queen, it would be to easy for a happy ending. To be honest, I thought they would kill me. It was nice knowing I was not going to be killed, but then I was disappointed because I really love playing with Lana, we have a lot of fun. But Regina is his soulmate so…” (Sean thinks Regina and Robin Hood are true love and they will make it work in the end.)

Jared Gilmore:

  • Wants to see his relationship with Rumplestiltskin develop.
  • Jared would love to play voldemort!
  • Jared really wants Henry to have a girlfriend. Audience shouting for Henry to fall in love with Grace.

Lana Parrilla:

  • “Which villain would you like to see and defeat in the show?” Lana: “I don’t know if that counts but what about Dracula?”
  • Lana unsure where season 4 is going but played final scene with Jennifer a number of ways.
  • “Regina says to Emma she is like her mother never thinking of consequences, if something happens with Robin will Regina try to kill Emma as she wanted to do with Snow?” Lana feels old habits die hard and Regina may want to hurt Emma but has also grown as a person. Scene left ambiguous.
  • Lana would love being Charming. She chose Charming because of the sword and riding horses, but he is also boring…so maybe Mr. Gold.
  • The relationship between Henry’s mothers is complicated. And with Emma’s new choice in season 3, Regina will need to decide what to do.
  • Lana loved playing Ursula on the show. Enjoyed meeting Pat Carroll recently.
  • “What did you do to “play” Ursula, and the work you did on her voice?” Lana: “Ursula is very unlike people and what I did was an impersonation of her and I had to give her something more because I do not have the body or the voice and so I took from dancing and the sea, I took some lines from the disney movie to be sure we stick the role as best as I could.”
  • “Long as Henry has love and support from both his mom’s, he will be okay.”
  • Lana loved the scene with Emma in season two down in the caves with the diamond.She also loves the scene where she gives Emma new memories. Such a turning point and so selfless.
  • Lana was asked to leave the audience questioning whether or not she really loved Henry back in season one.

Source: Storybrooke Mirror


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