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Sean Maguire:

  • Sean says he has great respect for younger actors like Robbie. He wishes he had been so smart at that age.
  • With regards a musical episode. Sean thinks it is a really good idea and would fit a Christmas special.
  • “With which character could Robin be friends with in Storybrook?” Sean: “There are a lot of people on set I don’t like…*laughs* I love all of the actors there Josh, Colin…but it is true that as Colin is Irish and playing guitar we have a lot in common so we are pretty good friends.
  • Loved that they changed Pan and made him bad and evil. Thinks Robbie was exceptional in role.
  • First day on set feels like first day at school. Your first scene is an imprint of your character. First day is incredibly daunting. “Michael Raymond James took me in and made me feel so welcome. Very grateful to him.”

Robbie Kay:

  • “What was it like to play an adult (old character) but a child?” Robbie: “I am used to play children so it was cool to play Rumpel’s father. Cool to play a character that is 200 years old. Great experience on the show.”
  • “I think Wendy and Peter could have been an option too.”
  • “Does the role of Peter Pan change your life?” Robbie: “It was tough because I was still at school, but once the show began I did not realize how much it was…how much attention I would get. It was very good. The role of Peter Pan has changed my life significantly. Altered my life at crucial moment.”
  • “Do you think Peter Pan is the most evil villain character in the tv show?” Robbie: “I think they are all quite good villains… (Cora, Regina, Zelena…).” Robbie feels his character is authentic and has a deep background to him.
  • “Yes it could be fun to do a petition for a spin off of Once Upon A Time in Neverland! We could discover a lot of things.” (Sean says he would sign the petition too)
  • Loves story of Robin Hood. Feels Sean did a great job bringing a new modern Robin Hood to life.
  • “Would you choose to not grow up?” Robbie: “Does that mean I will be young forever? If I have the opportunity I would probably want to now because I want more time, but growing up is something important in life so I don’t want to miss it.”
  • Made to feel very welcome when he joined the cast.
  • “Did you know Peter Pan was Rumpel’s father?” Robbie: “I did not know at the start that Pan would be Rumple’s father. It was a surprise to me! Was only told of a connection between Rumple and Henry at start of season three.”

Source: Storybrooke Mirror


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