Once Upon a Time is filled with heart throbbing, sword swishing, charming leading men who help save the day. But seriously the casting department have not done the fans wrong yet.  This includes the ruggedly, handsome thief who has stolen fan’s hearts from his first appearance in Season 2 of Once Upon a Time. Sean Maguire, best known as Robin Hood on the hit series, grows in popularity on a regular basis with fans through his kind, funny, and awesome personality.

My first introduction to Sean Maguire was during Regal Con, a convention for fans of Once Upon a Time in Anaheim, California. In a Q & A panel he praised the fans and how much fun he had while dancing with them at the ball the previous night. I only got a small glimpse of him as I watched the panel, but his laid back and joyful personality energized the room. So imagine my surprise when the opportunity to interview him fell into my lap.

Sean Maguire has been acting since the age of 5, but he has just been rewarded with the most perfect role yet, fatherhood. While I was hiding from the sun and heat in California, Sean Maguire and his first child Flynn, were relaxing for a feeding in beautiful Vancouver.

“This is his first interview.” He joked as his son’s soft murmurs could be heard over the phone.

Being the second eldest of six children, Sean Maguire is no stranger to the care taking of children. “I was changing nappies when I was ten years old.” He explained as we settled into the interview. His character Robin Hood is a loving and devoted father, going so far as to give up his love for his son’s happiness. While the role helped physicalize the idea of being a father, Sean Maguire talked about how he already felt mentally prepared. Expecting parents everywhere constantly hear, “You’re in for a shock” or “you’ll be surprised.” But for Sean Maguire with his big family and love for children, he already knew what to expect. “It’s hard work, but totally worth it.”

Sean Maguire stumbled into acting through his parents Irish Dance School around four years old. An agent saw Maguire dancing with his brother and sister, stopping to inquire if they would like to act. His father agreed but only if it didn’t interfere with their schooling. (PROPS TO POP!)  He landed his first role not long after and never looked back. Racking up projects year after year, Sean Maguire has accumulated a wide variety of roles.

Some of his roles stand out as favorites for various reasons. Around ages 11 to 14, Sean Maguire played Tegs’ Ratcliffe in Grange Hall. Not only was it located in his real school, but this was the first time Maguire felt like a professional actor.  While those were his school days, he cherishes the lifelong friendships that he created during Off Centre. We are lucky to walk away with one best friend in our lifetime, so Sean Maguire is sitting pretty right now with his three besties John Cho, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Jason George.  Another one of his favorite jobs falls to the beloved stage play, Romeo and Juliet.

“This is a big one because I was scared to do it. Romeo and Juliet felt completely out of my comfort zone. But I stuck with it and saw it through. “While he was pleasantly pleased with the result, Sean Maguire finds he prefers to be more in front of the camera then on stage. I’m sure fans of Once Upon a Time thank him for that because we get to see him weekly starting September 27th on ABC for another (what we hope to be)  great season.

“You make a show like Once Upon a Time and it can literally touch the lives of millions and millions of people around the world. The result of that is when you go around the world as we have, you meet some of the fans. Seeing how much it has touched them, even if we all know it’s just TV, means so much.”

Which leads us to his most recent favorite project, ONCE UPON A TIME! With passion filling his voice, Sean Maguire spoke of his time on the show as not just a job. It’s family. “Once Upon a Time is special for many reasons, but the crew have become a little bit of a close knit family. Not just on screen, but off screen.” It was awesome to hear the way he spoke of the cast and their time together. Fandoms bring people together all over the world through sites, conventions, and just meet ups. We connect over the characters, plot, and brilliance behind many shows. It is amazing to know that certain casts feel the same way with their own.

Once Upon a Time premiers season 5 this Sunday on ABC. While the character of Robin Hood isn’t an original, every season he climbs quickly up the ranks to becoming more of a big player. Fans are foaming at the mouth to see where Robin Hood’s and Regina’s love will go. As well as what is going to happen after the big plot twist last season. I couldn’t get him to crack on details about the upcoming season, so we talked about how it felt to play such an iconic role.

When Once Upon a Time was still in the works and a cast was being created for the pilot, Sean Maguire met with Adam. Being blown away by the concept and ideas, Maguire said, “Either this is going to be a giant hit, or the network won’t know what to do with it.” Lucky for them and for the fans, it has become bigger than anyone imagined. It is funny how things happen. Sean Maguire passed on Once Upon a Time for something that was more a guarantee, only to have it die out while Once Upon a Time exploded.

This just shows that Sean Maguire was made to play Robin Hood, because after two years of kicking himself he was offered the role and a chance to join the show. Growing up in London, Sean Maguire took to playing Bows and Arrows, even going as far as trying to make his own. “I wouldn’t change my role in Once Upon a Time because this is the closest I get to play a medieval James Bond!”

Robin Hood is an honored role to be given only to some of the most amazing actors, all adding their own unique spin to the legend. With Sean Maguire’s portrayal we see a loving, passionate father and friend. Someone filled with a kind and loyal heart. We discussed a few of our favorite adaptions, but Sean Maguire made an awesome point.

“I think it’s incumbent upon us to try to bring the guy to life in a real way, rather than an iconic status of him. Because in his reality, he is just a man, a father, and a leader. He is not and doesn’t think of himself. I think it’s important for us to bring our own sense to it, and our own breath of life to it. “
Umm again can we just say this is why he is stealing the hearts and breath of millions of fans around the world! It was such an honor to chat with Sean Maguire and only solidified how down to earth and personal he is. Two more days until Once Upon a Time season 5 premier on ABC at 8pm and I feel like I am not going to make it through the anticipation. Not only to see the plot unfold, but because we the fans need more Sean Maguire in our lives.



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