Sean and Rebecca Mader did an interview with Melty. I translated the Sean parts the best way I could.
You can read the French version and Rebecca’s part here.

Once Upon A Time Season 7: Sean Maguire and Rebecca Mader on their trust in Regina, Robin’s death and Zelena’s absence in the upcoming season (EXCLU)

Sean Maguire (Robin) and Rebecca Mader (Zelena) answered our questions about Once Upon A Time and the upcoming season, their relationship with Regina and their projects in this exclusive interview.

A few weeks ago, Melty’s editors had the chance to meet Rebecca Mader (Zelena) and Sean Maguire (Robin) at Happy Ending’s Once Upon A Time convention hosted by People Convention. Their characters have experienced many events, such as the death of Robin in Once Upon A Time, one of the worldwide favorites of the show. He told us: “I was disappointed, I had just become regular this season and had my family moved to Vancouver.” Since then, Sean Maguire has played another Robin, very different from his first role.

Which version did he prefer to embody? He replies: “I love the original Robin because I love what he was fighting for, the relationship he had with Regina and that the fans of the show appreciate him, but Dark Robin was surely a little more fun to embody.”

We asked him who the best choice for Robin was between Zelena, Marian and Regina. “It was a pleasure working with the actress that played Marian but after all the time we spent together, our chemistry and the relationship we have built together, my heart says Regina.” This will melt the hearts of the Outlaw Queen fans!

Sean Maguire, who would like to go behind the camera, doesn’t see himself returning to season 7: “I don’t know. I don’t think so. It would depend on the writing and if it’s interesting to and the direction it’s going in. I think Once Upon A Time is the first show I left that I came back to. It would be a real challenge to get me to come back.”


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