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Once Upon A Time season 7 : Sean Maguire (Robin Hood), “The show is the experience of my life” (Interview)

A few days ago, Oncers had the chance to meet members of the cast during a convention in Paris. Read our interview with Sean Maguire, aka Robin Hood in Once Upon A Time!

A magic weekend for a convention on Once Upon A Time! 2 weeks ago fans had the chance to meet some members of the cast at Disneyland Paris for The Happy Ending Convention by People Convention! You can check the cast confessions on moments on set, Harry Potter or funny little stories you didn’t know before. Lana Parrilla, Robert Carlyle, Michael Raymond James, Kristin Bauer, Robbie Kay, Beverley Elliott, Giles Matthey, Rebecca Mader and Emilie De Ravin all were attending. What an enchanting reunion for the fans, but that’s not all… Sean Maguire was also there! The actor who plays Robin Hood tells us everything about his experience on the show, his best memories and his current playlist! Here is our interview with Sean Maguire: How are you Sean? Are you happy to be back in Paris?

Sean Maguire: I’m fine, thank you! My wife and I arrived on Wednesday, I think. I’m a little bit jet lagged, I’m sorry! My sister and her husband arrived yesterday and we met, we spent the day with the kids. It’s wonderful but also really tiring. Running after the kids and always keeping an eye on them but everything is good. How was it to play a Robin, in this season, that was completely different from the one we used to know? Was that hard?

Sean Maguire: You’re right, I have played a different type of the same character, but that was interesting. What I wanted for the original Robin, and I loved him, was for him to be more, to be stronger. With this other version, he’s a little more like that … He has more “balls”, if we can say that. These type of characters have more strength in them, they are more strict and captivating, they aren’t just someone nice. Being nice, it’s good, but it can be a little bit boring at times. Evil ones, they are more entertaining to play. What do you think of the happy ending of the other Robin and the Evil Queen?

Sean Maguire: I have to admit I didn’t get a chance to see it yet … I came to film it but unfortunately I got into another project immediately, so I went there and I left as soon as it was done filming, and I couldn’t see the end result. But I am glad that the fans liked it. It’s our job. We arrive and we play it. It’s not like we don’t have the same passion, it’s just on different level. The fans are really invested, they want a character to be this way or that way. For us, we learn our lines and “let’s go”. I saw their reactions when Robin died. I was glad to see such a reaction because I was disappointed myself when the character died because I loved being on the show but even more for the fans because they are emotionally invested in him and in the happy ending of Regina and Robin, that was taken away from them. So many people were angry with me. “Why?”, “Why did you die?. But there is nothing I could say because I don’t write the show. And the producers were mad at me because I tried to defend the fans’ point of view. I adore the strong response from the fans. So strong that the producers said “Okay, we will bring him back”. There was a lot of tweeting, a lot of “Why, why, why, why”. I am fascinated by the power of social media and fans when they really want something. And when they told me that Robin was going to be back, they said “No, no. It’s not because of the fans, we decided so”. So I was like “Oh, you bet it’s because of the fans! I saw it, you knew they weren’t happy about the fact Robin had died”. I feel honored that the fans fought for this and I could come back and play. What was your first impression with the cast and about your character?

Sean Maguire: It’s like the first day in school. You want everything to be good and that you don’t have to pretend being fake with them. It’s funny because Michael Raymond-James and I, we became really good friends, we live like 10 minutes apart, our kids play together, our wives are good friends, he and Jamie Chung are the first ones I worked with on the first day. It was this thing between us, we had a look at each other and were like “Yeah, we’re going to be great friends”. And that’s what happened. The first day, Lana came to me to introduce herself, she’s adorable. It’s really an amazing cast, and many among them became good friends, it doesn’t happen so often on a show. You often find yourself with a close friend of the cast, but not a whole cast that becomes a family. This is not common and in the good sense of the word. What’s your best memory?

Sean Maguire: That’s a hard one. I think it’s when we did the Storybrooke part, at the beginning of the season, it was summer, good weather, it was hot, the fans could come and watch us, it’s like doing theater. I remember once Lana, Colin and I, we played with the fans, we made waves, it was fun. It’s a wonderful job, you know, the fans are happy, we are happy. We make a great series where people can escape, and I remember saying to myself after that “it’s really a great job that I have.”. What’s the strangest place where you played your character and you learned your lines?

Sean Maguire: There are so many strange places on the set, it’s Once Upon A Time! I think I’ll go with … We were on top of a mountain, it was 2AM, it was raining and the crew was exhausted. Just the opposite of what I said before, with fans, sun and waves…. And if you take this out of context you say “yeah, that’s really a weird way to do it”. You think it’s crazy, but it’s fun. Can you describe me the Once Upon A Time experience in three words?

Sean Maguire: It is fun. Which song could describe your experience on Once Upon A Time?

Sean Maguire: “Time Of Your Life” by Green Day. It’s weird because in a way that song seems to be saying “good luck” for the new adventure, and at the same time, it’s a life experience. It’s like balancing the two things, I think it’s the perfect song for this. Which is your current song?

Sean Maguire: I love the songs from La La Land and “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran.


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