Access: I love it. … Sean Maguire is coming back as Robin Hood for a multi-episode arc. Have you started shooting with him yet?

Lana: No, not yet. I’m not sure when he’s coming up, but I’m really excited.

Access: How did they break that news to everybody – or, did you just hear it? Sometimes stories break out there in the press first…

Lana: We learned about it, we were told and so we had to kind of not say anything and then it came out very quickly after we were told. It was a surprise to everyone and everyone’s really excited because Sean is — he’s a veteran on the show, he’s a ‘Once Upon a Time’ family member and we are really excited to have him back. Everyone’s had babies on the show, so everyone’s babies know each other, and it’s going to be a big family reunion, so we’re really excited to have Sean back.



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