Lana talked about Robin in her latest interview with Access Hollywood. Check out what she said.

“She hasn’t experienced like, ‘healthy love.’ The love that she experienced with her mother was very controlling and possessive and it was manipulative. There was always an agenda when it came to Cora. It wasn’t a pure love – unconditional love. And with her father, she had a bit of that, but her father was also very weak,” Lana said. “He didn’t know how to protect her, he didn’t stand up to her mother. He kind of was like a bystander and so she lost all respect for him. So she’s never really had the ideal parental guidance that she so deserved and the sort of like family love and bond and trust – she’s never had that before, and she has that with Robin, with Henry, with Emma, Mary Margaret and David. And as uncomfortable as that’s been for her to receive and accept, it’s also — it’s very comforting… it feels good. I mean, it’s what she wants and I think she didn’t even know it until she started experiencing it.”

Regina’s true love Robin will find himself in a very sticky situation in Sunday’s episode. After their heart-to-heart in our sneak peek clip, things ended on one heck of a cliffhanger when some sort of shadow form came down and snatched Robin away. While viewers wait to find out more about the situation in Sunday night’s “Once Upon a Time,” Lana shared a few hints about the mysterious shadow creature.

“She is a demon of some kind,” Lana said. “She is this sort of demonic, female creature, who comes and snags Robin away from us all and now we have to go find him and save him. And there’s a reason why she wants him.”

“Once Upon a Time” continues Sunday night at 8/7c on ABC.

Source: Access Hollywood


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