On Once Upon a Time, Regina is a mayor with a mission after she discovers that her wicked half-sister Zelena has been masquerading as Robin Hood’s wife Marian. “Zelena is, like, a stalker,” Lana Parrilla, who plays Regina, tells TVGuide.com. “Regina is just so fed up. She wants to put an end to it, yet when we see her in New York, I don’t think she really goes in with a plan. She just knows she has to be there to help Robin because right now he doesn’t even know he’s living with the enemy.”

But leaving Storybrooke for the Big Apple presents some unique challenges for her and Emma, who also intends to retrieve her old friend Lily there. “When they’re in New York, she doesn’t feel like her magic is pouring out of her, and she’s powerless,” Parrilla says. “But there’s a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time. So these women are like Thelma & Louise, running through this town, and Lily really takes us on an adventure.”

For Regina, a bit of the control freak comes out. “There’s one little moment when we’re walking through New York in a building and it’s gross and dirty,” Parrilla says. “She’s like, ‘I don’t know why I created Storybrooke when I could’ve cursed everyone to come here.'”

Although it remains to be seen if Operation Save Robin (that doesn’t quite have the same ring as Operation Mongoose) will succeed, Parrilla reveals that in the next episode, “You will learn something very new about Regina, and you will also get to see Barbara Hershey again [as Cora]… And the Evil Queen is back in that episode as well.”

Hmm, the last time we saw Regina’s villainous alter ego was in a dream… trying to protect Robin.

Source: TV Guide


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