Diane: Yay! Okay, the Robin/Marian/Regina triangle is already happening. One fan who goes by Obisgirl (@_obisgirl) had a fabulous question: she’d like to know if there’s a difference to you as writers between soulmates and true love—is Robin necessarily the ONLY man for Regina?

Eddy: You know, it’s funny—we got asked that at Comic Con as our first question. And we were caught in the headlights. I think that one thing we’ve tried to show on Once Upon a Time, and especially with Regina’s arc, is that you CAN love again. So we know that Daniel was her true love when she was a young woman. And it was said that Robin Hood is her soulmate. And globally what we’re trying to say is that happiness isn’t always what you think it will be or with whom you hope it will be. But if you keep striving for it, you can find it. So for us, soulmates and true love are secondary to the idea that when things get bleak, you have to hope that they’ll get better.

Adam: And things can change! Meaning that true loves and soulmates can point you in a direction, but magic doesn’t provide it for you. Which is to say that you have to work at it. You have to make things happen. Nothing is easy. And a happy ending isn’t an ending—it’s a beginning. So with someone who may be your soulmate, the two of you still have to find a way to make that work. You know, Snow and Charming were true loves, but because they were able work together on that love, their love became as powerful as it was. There’s always the hope out there of striving to find what you need.

Eddy: For us, what it would imply is “Oh well, if you lose your soulmate you can never be happy again.” And that’s not the world we want to live in.

Source: Once Upon A Fan


  1. I was hoping for a more concrete answer about the difference between true love and soulmates. But given the roundabout answer here, I don’t think Adam and Eddy have a definitive definition in their minds about differences between the two. Hopefully that will change as the season moves along.


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