We are now THREE days away from the 100th episode of Once Upon A Time on ABC — you can find some preview images here — and today, our interview spotlight shines on “Robin Hood” himself, Sean Maguire!

KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: What demons might Robin Hood have to face in the Underworld?

SEAN MAGUIRE: Well, we may all have to confront people from the past; people that we thought were already gone because they were dead, and this is where the people with unfinished business and the people that haven’t been very well-behaved go. So, we’re going to be running in to some old adversaries.

A lot of the famous fairy tale characters exist in the Fairy Tale Land in the past. Are you glad your character was not a fox?

Yeah. It’s easier. I mean, to get into that fox costume every day, that’d be a bit of a pain… but, yeah. Very glad.

How does Robin Hood view Henry? Does he act as a bit of a father figure to him?

I think so. I think there’s a very fatherly thing about this incarnation of Robin Hood. He has a little boy of his own, and I think he sees Henry as an extension of Regina, and obviously, he’s very much in love with Regina, and I think that love extends to Henry. And Henry’s a good boy, you know. What dad or stepdad wouldn’t love a Henry?

What are you the most excited for fans to see in Episode 100?

I think as we’re getting on the boat to the River Styx, when we shot it, we were like ‘this is cool.’ I’m really excited to see how that looks on screen.

Come back soon for more Once Upon A Time 100th episode interviews and don’t miss “Souls of the Departed” Sunday, March 6 on ABC!

Source: KSiteTV


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