You asked, and they (for the most part) answered!

During my time on the bitter-cold red carpet for Once Upon a Time‘s recent 100th-episode party in Vancouver, I not only unabashedly sought out intel on Season 5B (premiering Sunday at 8/7c with the episode “Souls of the Departed”), I also hand-delivered some questions submitted by readers — covering topics such as Regina, Robin and “the L-word,” the Darkest One’s new dagger and Emma’s meaningful fashion accessories.

The ABC series’ stars and creators also weighed in on Charming family moments to come, wicked Zelena’s “happy ending” and whether Storybrooke will be hosting another wedding anytime soon. (For those seeking outright Season 5B scoop, I point you to my in-depth preview Q&A, plus this teasey overview of the midseason premiere.)

Will we ever get an “I love you” moment from Robin and Regina? –Aaliyah
A smile formed on Lana Parrilla’s face as she mulled her answer to this one. “Hmmmm…. Possibly,” she allowed. “I think so. Not in the 100th episode, but…. I think we will.”

Source: TVLine


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