Robin Hood is not only alive in the wish world, but now he’s back in Storybrooke. How is this version of Robin going to be different from the Robin we lost before?

Adam Horowitz: This Robin shares much with the Robin before, but he’s gone through a very different kind of life than the Robin we grew to know over the previous seasons. This Robin has dealt with tragedy. He lost his Marian. He’s never had love. He’s a thief who has been lonely. He says at the end of the episode his life isn’t so hot. He’s so willing to take a chance to see what another realm could be like because there isn’t anything for him in the wish world. He shares a lot of the DNA with the Robin we know, he’s had a different experience to shape him in a different way. Going forward, we’re going to see that also shapes the way he reacts to things in ways that are very different from the Robin of before. That will cause some drama for our Regina.

Will experiencing that tragedy give this Robin a darkness that would help him have an even deeper connection to Regina than the original Robin did?

Horowitz: That’s an excellent observation, which is that he has a darkness in him and Regina has a darkness in her. That’s surely something that we’d want to explore.



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