Excited for the season premiere of Once Upon a Time?

You’re not the only one.

Storybrooke is about to get Frozen-over. Hook and Emma are in a jolly-good place. Rumple and Belle are married. Charming and Snow have a little snowball of joy. What’s not to be excited about? (Okay, maybe Regina isn’t totally pleased right now, but can you blame her?)

Ahead of the show’s Season 4 start, some very excited fans took to Twitter to ask their burning questions ahead of the finale, which Mashable promptly posed to the cast at their premiere party in Hollywood last weekend.

Below are their answers, teases and general musings about the show, which begins a new season Sunday night on ABC.

For Sean (Robin):How does Robin feel now about Marian, since he mourned her 4 yrs, in relation 2 wt he feels now 4 Regina?

“That sounds like an essay question,” joked Robbie Kay, when he overheard the queery — and he’s sorta right. But I think you’ll agree that Sean Maguire aced the answer, which I present to you uninterrupted: “I’m sure you’ve had a first love, right? And you know how you feel about your first love will always be special and have a place in your heart? When you look back, you probably think, ‘Well, I probably wouldn’t be with that person now because [I am] the person I am now.’ Robin’s like that. He’s grown and he’s mourned the death of [Marian], which was hard. But he’s moved on. And now he’s in love with somebody new and dynamic and epic, but he’s bound to his code of honor and decency and truthfulness. And he’s stuck between love and a moral high ground and [that’s] difficult ground. It’s going to be a very tough season for Robin to figure out — unless of course he turns bad. In which case his morals won’t bother him at all.” (A+!)

Will there be any backstory on Robin?

“There absolutely will be, probably,” said co-creator Edward Kitsis, “but it won’t be in the first half of the season.” Don’t fret the wait, though. All signs point to Robin’s past being high on the writers’ list of priorities. “It’s something we’re excited to explore,” added fellow co-creator Adam Horowitz.

Source: Mashable


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