We are still reeling over our red carpet experience at the Once Upon a Time 100th episode event! While we’ve already talked about spoilers, what’s coming next, and of course who was wearing who – Seattle Refined also asked the stars their thoughts on Seattle. After all, they shoot up in Vancouver, just a hop skip and a jump away! What they had to say was music to our ears…

  • Let it rain! Jared Gilmore (Henry) told Seattle Refined that he loves the weather and “I’ve always loved the cold.” Rebecca Mader (Zelena) raved about her love of Seattle’s weather, as well: “I love the fact that it rains all the time because I’m English, and I can totally relate!”
  • Black Coffee in Bed: This one should warm the well-caffeinated heart of Howard Schultz. Gilmore revealed that one of his favorite things to do in Seattle is visiting the original Starbucks at Pike Place Market. Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) also mentioned that he and his lovely real-life princess, Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White), love to visit Seattle and in particular the original Starbucks. We even found a tweet to prove it!

Wait — does this mean that there are times when Snow White and Prince Charming are roaming the streets of Seattle?! “Oh, yeah. Lots! Over the five years, lots!” confirms Dallas. Mader manages to tie together the things she loves about Seattle into a wickedly neat package: “Rain and coffee! What’s great about Seattle is because it rains a lot, it says, ‘Hey Rebecca! Sit down; stay in! Have a cup of coffee! Don’t go out!’ Which are my most favorite things to do. So, thank you for permission Seattle Gods!”

  • Are You Ready for Some Football? Show creators and producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, graduates of the University of Wisconsin, revealed that they are huge fans of Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson, who led the Wisconsin Badgers to a Big Ten title in 2011 and to the 2012 Rose Bowl. Horowitz confessed, however, that he hasn’t seen Wilson play since the Rose Bowl. Kitsis says, “As soon as Seattle invites, we’ll come back.” Perhaps, they can carpool with Colin O’Donoghue (Killian Jones, “Hook”) who told us, “I really want to go to a Seahawks game, because we don’t have American football in Ireland.” What do you say, shall we get these gentlemen to a Seahawks game in 2016?
  • Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs (Excuse our “Grammer”): While many of the stars associated Seattle with rain and coffee, Sean Maguire (Robin Hood) was somehow the only one to reference the Space Needle! Maguire confesses, “I’m a really big fan of Frasier. I watch Frasier all the time. [Seattle is] Frasierland! There’s the Space Needle — as seen on Frasier!” Maguire told us, “It really seems like a great city. It seems fun, progressive; a city of the future, I think.” Thanks, Sean! We hope to see you here in the future!
  • “Once” Upon a Time: While his co-stars rave about the “Even Flow” of coffee, the “Oceans” of rain, and about the bliss of being “Alive” in our fair city, Colin O’ Donoghue has not been able to spend the time he’d like in our fair city. “Why Go”? O’Donoghue’s favorite band is Seattle’s own Pearl Jam, and he regrets that he has not yet been able to take in any of Seattle’s rich musical history. “I’m really, really gutted,” O’Donoghue laments (considering the ending of the OUAT’s midseason finale, that’s an unfortunate pun). “I really want to go It’s so annoying. We’re literally right there.” Unfortunately, O’Donoghue’s schedule is all “Black”: he has been too busy to make it to Seattle. (Before we get in too “Deep,” I’ll “Release” you from this “Garden” of puns. This one makes an even . . . Ten. ) O’Donoghue is himself an accomplished guitarist and would love to meet Pearl Jam guitar god and Seattle resident, Mike McCready. Ed, Mike, Stone, Jeff, or Matt — would you show Colin some love here?

Bonus Item: You deserve a reward for making it through all of these musical puns. This last item isn’t specifically related to Seattle, but “Northwest Pacific Coast edition” is just not as catchy a title, and this one is too juicy to leave off our list. Seattle Refined learned that Maguire and O’Donoghue are collaborating on a beer with Main Street Brewing Company in Vancouver. Maguire talked very enthusiastically about the beer, which he confirmed is a Czech Pilsner. He was even generous enough to reveal the name, and though his announcement may have been a bit premature at the time, we can now tell you it will be called “By Hook or by Crook”! So, stay tuned: we hope to bring you more information on this exciting joint venture in the coming weeks!

Source: Seattle Refined


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