Is it really possible we’re going to actually have some fun on Once Upon a Time Season 5?

Yes, we have Emma trying to fight off the darkness with the help of her family and friends … but, to hear star Lana Parrilla tell it, some lighter moments are also on once our gang gets inside Camelot.

In talking with the actress yesterday about what we’ll see on Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 2, she explained that Camelot will be a “mixed bag” for everyone; that goes from the hunt for Merlin (who they believe can stop Emma’s darkness) to Regina attending her first Ball.

And what kind of threat will Zelena pose for her happiness with Robin Hood since she is carrying Robin’s baby and is more than a little crazy?

Let’s see what Parrilla had to say about Regina’s journey this season and what we’re going to see…

TVF: At the start of the season, the relationship with Robin Hood seems pretty solid but what will we see since Zelena is also still in the picture?

LP: [Rebecca Mader is] so great. I love her. She’s so fun. She’s so Zelena. This role was made for her. There’s a lot of confusion around the three of them. This is not a love triangle. Robin is not necessarily torn like ‘does he want to be with Zelena? Does he want to be with Regina?’ He wants to be with Regina and they do have a solid relationship. It’s just complicated because now Zelena is pregnant and I think the way they’re handling it is extremely mature. Probably better than I would ever handle it! [laughs] [Regina] somehow has this sort of trust, faith and belief in her relationship with Robin that they together can overcome any obstacle.

And Zelena is demented. She is not mentally stable. Regina looks at this as ‘you are not mentally stable to be a mother or parent. However, obviously this is your child. I will not take the child fully away from you but you are going to be under extreme restrictions. You’ll be able to see the child but only when supervised.’ She doesn’t want to take the baby away from Robin. Robin has this purity that is so attractive to Regina and she loves what a great father he is and she knows he’s going to be a great father to this baby so she supports that but she just has to monitor the situation and make sure everyone is safe.

Source: TVFanatic


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