CHRISTIE LAING, SEAN MAGUIRE, LANA PARRILLAIt’s time to wonder if happy endings exist for people on “Once Upon a Time” not named Snow White and Prince Charming. Regina (Lana Parrilla) has been fighting the hardest to prove she’s redeemed herself from her Evil Queen days, but a chariot ride into the sunset is not as easy as the storybook makes it seem.

With the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) gone, Regina will have to deal with an unfrozen Marian — and what that means for her relationship with Robin Hood (Sean Maguire). The two rekindled their love affair while Marian (Christie Laing) was under the ice spell. When she wakes up, Robin Hood will have to make a tough choice between the woman he’s made a vow to and the one he truly loves.

“It just sucks. It sucks for everyone involved,” Parrilla tells Zap2it. “Robin Hood is going to be placed in a position where he has to make a very difficult decision between Regina and Marian — you’ll see that [in the fall finale].”

Parrilla doesn’t give any specific hints about who Robin Hood chooses, but a renewed interest in finding the author of the “Once Upon a Time” storybook implies that it doesn’t work out well for Regina, despite her best attempts at having hope.

“[Finding the author] is the No. 1 priority because once [Regina] finds the author then everything can just slowly start to fall in place. At least she hopes that will be the outcome,” Parrilla says. “I think she’s going to really start to focus on Operation Mongoose, and that’s going to play out throughout the season.”

While a commitment for Operation Mongoose means that Regina’s happy ending probably isn’t coming soon, it does mean that she hasn’t given up hope. As Maguire told Zap2it before Season 4 began, he thinks Regina and Robin are soulmates, but they have a long and muddy road to travel before they can be together in any kind of permanent sense.

Whatever hardships may be ahead for Regina and Robin Hood, it’s safe to say these two are definite examples of true love.

Find out how it all works out on “Once Upon a Time’s” fall finale airing Sunday, Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: Zap2It


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