Season 4b of “Once Upon a Time” has been all about finding happy endings — and for Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) and Regina (Lana Parrilla), that means finally getting to be together.

That’s a bit difficult when Robin has committed to a life outside of Storybrooke’s magical boundaries in order to protect Marian (Christie Lang) and their son. Making that choice is still weighing on Robin, as Sunday’s (April 12) episode, “Heart of Gold,” will show.

“The episode deals with the of what does one do when you have to leave somewhere and leave the person you are in love with? Just because you commit doesn’t mean he’s going to stop thinking about the person he left behind,” Maguire explains to Zap2it.

As difficult as it is for Robin to grapple with his moral responsibility and his heart wanting someone he can’t be near, knowing that he still feels that way about Regina means there’s hope for the outlaw couple.

“He loves [Regina] as she is. He’s aware that she was bad. Everybody knows that the Evil Queen was the Evil Queen, but she’s grown an awful lot as a character since Season 1,” Maguire says.

“Robin understands that because Robin has a dark past as well. I think they see each other as kindred spirits. They are both people that have evolved to the person that we see them as now. There’s a lot of reasons why I think they connect.”

That connection is why Maguire isn’t shy about saying that Regina is who Robin would have the author write as his happy ending.

“His happy ending is probably to have things as they were at the end of Season 3, which was Robin and Regina starting their life together. If he could have his way, he wanted to be with his new love, which is Regina, and start over again,” he says.

Now that the heroes have found the author, maybe getting that ending isn’t as impossible as it seemed when Robin first had to leave Storybrooke with Marian. Maguire hints there are still a few speed bumps in the way before anyone can expect a Robin and Regina reunion.

“Do you follow your heart or do you follow your brain saying you have to do the right thing?” Maguire says. “This episode is going explore what his mindset is and why he’s going to do what he does. Then of course, we’ve got a pretty delicious shock coming as well.”

“Heart of Gold” airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: Zap2It


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