In contrast, Regina’s last act of love was sacrifice when she let Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) go out of Storybrooke. Will her actions make her cause more sympathetic to The Author?
If there’s anyone on the show who’s kind of gotten the short end of the stick, it’s Regina. She did horrible, horrible things but she has continually done the right thing. She’s definitely somebody who’s trying to redeem themselves. A big question that we’re asking on the second half of the season is: If you do something bad, can you come back from it? Does it make you a villain or can you still be a hero? I think that is a realistic thing. Very few people are good all the time.

What can you say about seeing Robin Hood again?
That you will. Robin Hood returns to the world of Once Upon a Time and how he comes back and why and when and where we want to keep a secret for now. But needless to say, he may have left at the end of the winter finale, but he has not been forgotten. His presence is felt at the start before he’s going to be reintroduced.

While Regina’s been working to reunite with him, has he been doing the same? Or just surviving in our world?
We are going to answer that question with an entire episode devoted to what happened to Robin Hood when he goes to New York.

Why does everybody end up in New York?
It’s between that and Boston. It’s writer’s pick that it’s in New York. Adam’s from Manhattan. And it’s the same reason why Emma spent foster home time in Minnesota because that’s where I’m from. So sometimes it’s just giving a shout-out to those you love.

Source: TV Guide


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