That’s how Lana Parilla teases the action ahead for Regina and Robin Hood on Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 8 and Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 9, the two-hour OUAT extravaganza on tap for this Sunday.

Sure, Regina is still committed to finding a cure for the near-death Marian but – as we saw at the end of Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 7 – Robin Hood can’t help himself around Regina, even planting on her a very sexy kiss.

However, Regina is also determined to find the author who can give her a happy ending. Will she also get pulled into the Snow Queen’s plans? Will Regina help Emma deal with her growing powers? And, since Regina hasn’t fallen back into her dark magic ways, does Parrilla miss that side of her character?

For answers to all that and more,I chatted up Parrilla on the phone this week. Thanks to the help of the Twitter followers and my own curiosity, I had plenty to ask the beloved actress…

TV Fanatic: When we last saw Regina, she was kind of locking lips with Robin Hood which isn’t a bad place, I guess, for her to be in.

Lana Parrilla: Yeah. She’s kind of occupied with a couple of things. One being Robin Hood and two, Operation Mongoose. I watched it again this morning and it’s funny when you’re reading a script because you’re reading it and you’re breaking it down as the actor and playing the character for so many years but it’s different when you’re watching it as a fan and an audience viewer.

I really saw how Regina how torn she is with Robin Hood but also how determined she is to find this author, and I really got that when she keeps flipping through this book trying to figure it out, and we don’t know why and having watched it and playing her for so many years I can see the level of concentration in her eyes and how she’s just so focused and looking at these images and what do they mean to her? That’s kind of the path that we’re heading down more so than anything, it’s who is this author and who is in charge of her destiny?

TVF: Is it safe to say with this next episode she might get some of those answers or we might get some of those answers, the audience?

LP: Yeah. I think this two hour episode that’s coming Sunday, a couple things. Regina is losing faith pretty quickly that she has any control over her destiny, that no matter what she does it doesn’t work out for her, and things just don’t pan out for her, and that’s a hard realization. And, you know, she’s not one who normally has hope, and she’s constantly being reminded by the heroes, Robin Hood being one, Mary Margaret being another, Emma, and so it’s going to take her some time to believe that things can change and to find a way to have hope for herself and her destiny. So we’ll see a little bit of that this weekend.

We’ll also see something that I think the audience has been waiting for between Regina and Robin Hood. Something quite juicy. So I would just say that it may be frozen in Storybrooke but it gets a little hot and steamy in their life.

TVF: Since true love’s kiss doesn’t seem to be happening for Marian is there another plan coming to try and save her?

LP: She definitely wants to save her because she loves Robin and she knows how much it means to him, and I also think there’s this underlying guilt because she has killed Marian and so she lives with that guilt. She’s trying to make amends and she’s made amends with a lot of people, Mary Margaret being one, Emma, she’s stings the town many times and it seems like she’s really trying to make up for things and trying to do the right thing and she’s doing the same with Marian. I don’t think she’s going to give up trying to find some sort of counter-spell or some sort of resolution to bring Marian back. Now what happens thereafter will be, you know, a surprise for many.

Source: TV Fanatic


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