We just finished watching the Once Upon a Time season 5 premiere and we can tell you right now it’s an epic comeback for some of our favorite Disney characters.

In the Once Upon a Time season 5 premiere not only do you get to see Dark Emma but you also get to see Arthurian legend come to life once again in Camelot. We can’t say much, but we do have these 5 teasers for you to get you excited about the episode:

The dagger’s history will blow your mind. We knew that we were going to find out the history of the dark one, but we didnt think it’d start this soon! You’ll be wanting more after the first few minutes reveal the dagger’s biggest mystery.

More enchanted objects. Unrelated to the dagger, a new and very familiar (and famous) enchanted object gets introduced this Sunday. We won’t tell you what movie it’s from but its by far one of the most iconic objects in Disney film history. Hint: It’s not the sword in the stone, nor is it related to Camelot.

There is no major curse this year. The past few seasons have revolved around a gigantic curse that takes place on the town or a set of characters, and we’re happy to tell you that this year breaks tradition. Instead we find ourselves with a very interesting prophecy that leads us to unexpected places.

The little voices get heard! During these past 5 years we’ve been introduced to several recurring characters who had tiny one-off episodes and not much else. This season brings some of those characters back to the forefront of the battle and this premiere starts it all. Don’t expect the Huntsman any time soon but it might be time to whistle hi ho.

This is Once Upon a Time‘s biggest adventure. Not only are our favorite characters going to Camelot to find Merlin but they’re doing it together as a family. This is all one big family effort to save Emma and none of the series regulars are left out! If the premiere is anything to go by we expect some crazy awesome things to happen with these characters this season.

Exciting, right?! And that’s not all. In addition to our five teasers we’ve gone ahead and listed some of the more memorable quotes that you can look forward to when Once Upon a Time returns. We won’t say who said ’em though, you’ll have to watch to find out!

– “We need someone wicked.”
– “At least you’re not a bear.”
– “Please go away you’re ruining my chi.”
– “…you like having a hook, maybe you’ll like another.”

That’s about all we can say about “The Dark Swan,” but we hope you’re just as excited to watch it as we were.

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