Given that it has been a long time since we’ve had a new episode of “Once Upon a Time” to discuss, we do like to think that the time is right for another classic debate on the show’s future — and this time, we’re talking Robin Hood in particular.

The last we saw of the character … well, he wasn’t quite the same character at all. The winter finale ended with us getting a small taste of Sean Maguire as the “wish-world” incarnation of the famed Prince of Thieves. Regina spotted him, and that immediately brought back so many memories of the late hero she loves. In turn, those thoughts bring hope that somehow, there can be a way for the two parties to be together and happy once more.

Yet, this is not the same Robin that she knows. This is a different world where Emma Swan is not the Savior, and even the smallest action can have a ripple effect. If you look over to another Vancouver-set series in “The Flash,” you get a sense of how that can work courtesy of Flashpoint. You also have alternate universes aplenty that are over there in the DC Comics universe, and looking at how that show has handled such characters as Harrison Wells does make us wonder something in relation to “Once Upon a Time” and what the writers are doing here: Can “wish-world” characters be brought over? Are these people mere dust in Storybrooke? There are so many fun concepts that can be explored in terms of the rules, and in relation to a character as beloved as Robin, there are questions aplenty regarding whether or not he can be brought back in this new form.

(Don’t worry, there are no spoilers ahead.)

We all want hope – If Robin was a true love for Regina, can’t he be again? The merit of bringing him over to Storybrooke is that maybe it could either jog some of his memories via some sort of magical transference, or he could simply adapt and eventually fall into a similar role? Bringing Robin back would be a way to make a high percentage of the fan base feel relieved after what happened near the end of last season. It felt at the time like there was so much more story to tell with Robin, and we didn’t get a chance to see it.

Also, don’t we all want more of Maguire on the show? He brought so much to the role, and that’s been missing from most of season 6?

The kicker – We understand that the idea is effectively a pipe-dream, and you do want death on the show to mean something since otherwise losing a loved one no longer has an impact. We’ve already had one character on Hook resurrected; while this would be slightly different than a resurrection, the idea of it thematically is similar. You’re finding a way to make someone there who wasn’t there previously.

Regardless of whether or not Robin comes back for good, at least you can celebrate the fact that we get Maguire back on the screen for a little while longer. It allows us to see another timeline for the character, and maybe in the process, Regina can have some closure.


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