TVLINE | Did you enjoy this past half-season, getting to finally play an actual romance for Regina?
I did. It’s such a beautiful, vulnerable side that we haven’t seen in her — you know falling in love and seeing the hearts in her pupils….

TVLINE | To see her face light up….
Yeah, and genuinely smile without any sort of evil plan behind it. She’s feeling love in a way that she hasn’t felt in a very long time, if ever, because she’s an adult. Puppy love, with Daniel, her first love, is very different from what Robin is to her and her life now.

TVLINE | She was pretty magnanimous there, letting Robin head out into the real world with Marian. Do we file that under, “Better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all”?
I think it was a heroic act, and a very selfless act as well. She really put herself on the backburner and did the right thing, saving Marian, even if it didn’t feel good in the moment. As hard as it was for Regina to make that decision, ultimately she did the right thing, and deep down inside she knows that she did, and so she’s very confident with her decision, even it if it means having a broken heart for however long. Saving the life of someone took precedent over her relationship with Robin, and ultimately it’s for Robin too, because [he and Marian] share a son. It’s a very complicated dynamic.

TVLINE | It really is, because Regina and Robin had to pursue this romance while Marian was frozen for a bit there – and some viewers took issue with that.
Yeah, but I think what a lot of people unfortunately had missed — because they called it adultery and all these things — was it’s really hard to look at that relationship and compare it real life, because it doesn’t work that way. First of all, someone doesn’t die and then come back 30 years later. The only example I can give is the movie Castaway, where Tom Hanks gets stranded, or, you know, a prisoner of war. Someone is pronounced dead because you haven’t heard from them and the wives think, “I guess my husband is gone, and I need to move on in my life.” That’s exactly what this was with Robin Hood. His wife had died 30 years ago, and he moved on, and the fact that she came back… is not a natural thing that would happen in our lives. It’s called “a television show,” and it’s a fantastical television show at that, and it all happened through magic.

Source: TVLine


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